EcoFriendly Espresso Delivery


I’ve got two great examples of eco friendly coffee businesses to share today. Both are across the pond from me.

First if you’re in Copenhagen you’ll have the opportunity to have your espresso freshly brewed and delivered if you are staying or working in the central area. Seems an espresso fan and entrepreneur Ole Skram got the idea as he sat sipping his favorite brew at a cafe.

Putting his vision of a coffee "chariot" into reality, Ole got a blacksmith to design and build a platform for his bike and the rest they say is history. Ole Skram uses pedal power to take his espresso machine to those wanting freshly pulled espresso.

Known as the "Coffee-Man" he now pedals his way around the central area. Ole can also be found at  Østerport station and is available for planned events. (phone +45 60 65 16 010)

bike-kafee-trikeStill across the pond ,  this time in the UK two guys, Will and Steve,  have taken the pedal power a step further. They are offering franchises for their BIKECAFFE™.  This twosome offers Italian coffee products delivered by on retrofitted trikes with espresso machines. The two guys have partnered with roasters Segafredo Zanetti and Integrity Fair Trade to provide top of the line coffees to coffee fanciers in the UK

BIKECAFFE™ offers a variety of coffees from espresso to cappuccino or even chai. Will and Steve even offer little cakes and biscotti to go with your drinks. Their coffee trikes are available for bookings for events, parties, concerts or conferences.  You can contact them by  EMAIL  Info AT (use @ instead of AT) or phone 0845 436 70 16 if you can’t wait.

 Isn’t it just amazing how coffee drinkers can take their love of coffee and turn it into a business. Great ingenuity all!

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A tip of the mug to Lars Hedegaard Pedersen, S.W. and Springwise for this tip. Thanks to Will and Steve of for the use of the photo.  Now if we could get this idea going in some US and Canadian cities…

3 Responses to EcoFriendly Espresso Delivery

  1. jean-emmanuel says:

    Thanks for your article.
    Is this kind of cart existing in the US and or Canada?

  2. We provide mobile espresso service in Boise, Idaho. (Check out the picture on our joe2u website, with the van’s back end exposed. In the van is an Astoria machine that is a manually operated, piston-lever espresso machine. We do a route service, appointments and events. The bike design is nice, but in colder climates and/or winter weather, espresso machines struggle with keeping the bar pressure up where it needs to be. (Our machine runs off propane.)

  3. Shaun Conyers says:

    @Derek Ramos:
    hello Derek!

    I’m quorious, how many coffe servings can you sell each day?
    I’m putting together a small business plan, with a similar idea, and don’t have a clue. I estimated cca. 100-150 serving / day is realistic.

    What do you think?
    Thanks for your help!